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Satori – Music for Bliss is a part of  of The Preventia Group of companies; the music wing of Preventia Wellness 


Satori is headed by the Director of Wellness of The Preventia Group – Karan Sajnani.


Karan Sajnani: A music lover and musician – practising musical applications through yogic science, Karan has dedicated his life to the practise of sound for over a decade. He has worked in numerous projects ranging from live performance acts, to research into autism intervention through music and organising exclusive meditative experiences using exotic acoustic soundscapes.  He has studied western classical music with the primary instrument being the western classical guitar. He also uses the handpan







  • To further knowledge in the field of music and to share the result of our experiences.
  • To support the planet and eco-system with musical empowerment using rhythmic sound energy.
  • To develop the methods as a scientific system to continue for the future with academic studies like research on music and sound energy.