The inception

Satori - Music for Bliss was formed a decade ago to research the practical applications of sound energy based on ancient Indian science.  We started our journey exploring the effect of sound on the environment and successfully completed a project with the Blue Cross of India. Our projects then spanned out into research on the therapeutic effects of sound with numerous medical colleges and institutes. Today, we support a variety of industries with applications of music and sound energy.

Concepts by

Dr. A S Hareesh - The knowledge hub upon which Satori Music is built. His vision is to re-introduce many ancient philosophies in a practical & scientific context, and pass the knowledge down to future generations. His extensive work spans a variety of disciplines such as healthcare, wellness, spiritual science, classical dance, martial arts, herbal pharmacology and psychology.

Our Philosophy

Music is the creative rhythm of Universal formation and execution. The subtleties of music are deeply related with the universe, human body, mind and our very existence itself.