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CD’s designed for various purposes

bhramarikarolc  libertysanctura

  • Music of Liberty : For Kids, to encourage mental, emotional stimulation and interaction with nature
  • Sanctura : For pets and animals
  • Rhythm of Love and care – 2 categories as per initial tuning of subtle body
    •  Pranayama effect in the body with manthra empowerment
    • Prenatal care –  separate tuning session for supporting and balancing pregnancy hormones.
  • Bhramarika : Effortless pranayama through sound

A tuning session is required for ‘Rhythm of Love and Care’, and ‘Bhramarika’ to configure the subtle body to receive the sound perfectly. This is a 1 hour session during which the yogic chakras of the subtle body are tuned using sound.

Practice pranayama consistently using our CD’s – precisely engineered using yogic science applied through sound. The practice through our CD’s enables you to execute the same practice daily without error, for perfection, as the  pranayama is regulated entirely through sound.

The practice of pranayama in a constant regulated manner, enables effective and tangible results; ideal for self-improvement practice through sound.



We also compile combinations to suit specific purposes :