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Vedic Concepts

According to the vedas, the Universe and the formation of the world, along with worldly items are purely based on a supreme rule with perfect mathematical regulations. The five primordial elements fused together in various proportions to create the visible universe that we perceive. The formation chain reaction was initiated by a primordial sound.


Our methods are based on the Samaveda which mentions the relationship between the seven swaras(notes) and the seven chakras (psychic yogic centres) of the body. The human body is a perfect representation of the macrocosmos. Using these principles along with the wide base of Kriya Yoga science, we practice to utilize sound energy management with life energy using the rhythm of universal execution.

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Therapeutic side

A human is something more than just a fine-tuned system of interconnected organs.

The human body is an integrated system of mind, body and prana(life force) – Without life force, the human body would be a dead body. A human cannot be viewed as a separate entity; a human is an inseparable part of the universe.

Umedicine-logo-212x300sing sound energy conversion and management, we synchronise a human back to his/her original nature. Music is not a separate phenomena to revolutionise the body, we use it to synchronise it back to it’s original perfection. Therefore it cannot cause any damages or side effects.


Music therapy as of today, is generally perceived as a psychological phenomenon. The music therapy we employ does not only work at a psychological level. Using sound energy conversion we are able to manipulate the body’s functions at the base level of prana(life energy); thereby bypassing any psychological barriers, damaged sensory organs/brain centers or perceptional filters. The psychological effect of the sound is an auxilliary benefit.



Qualitative sound energy management is employed at the implementation level of our methods. It is based on the qualitative trinity in universal platform. Using principles of yogic science, we convert sound energy into bio-plasmic energy or vital force for various implementations. To know more about qualitative sound energy management  – visit our Instrument Blog.