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VeenaThe Veena is an ancient vedic instrument. It consists of a long hollow neck with a large resonating chamber (often a gourd). The frets are made of metal embedded in beeswax. The human body, thechakras(centres of the subtle energy body) & their position in the spine and its musical connection leading to nadayoga has a direct influence in the manufacturing of the instrument, Veena. The setup of the frets perfectly reflects the configuration of the vertebrae on the spinal column. As of today it is most popularly used in south Indian Classical music.

Relation between Human body and Veena

Relation between Human body and Veena


Veena is a satvic instrument and it’s sound produces a very soothing, cleansing and uplifting effect. It is a highly versatile instrument in the hands of a capable player.

The human body is called “Gaathra veena” and the instrument made is called Daru veena according to Sangeeta kalpadruma of Muthayabhagavathar