7 Days : Stage one of Yoga

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This is the first stage of our yoga programme which guides a person through all the stages of yoga exclusively through sound.

Programme to cleanse the 5 ‘kosas’ (Shells) of the body.

  1. Annamaya kosa(Physical body)
  2. Manomaya kosa (Mind – physical body combination)
  3. Vijnanamaya kosa ( Mind – intellect combination)
  4. Pranamaya kosa (Mind –prana combination)
  5. Anandamaya kosa (Soul part)
  • Re-stabilisation of nadis (Ida & Pinkla)
  • Enforcing encouragement for kundalini jagaran
  • Chakra meditation for neuro-structural refreshment

Duration : 4-5 hours / day for 7 days

esidential Programme available in Bangalore.


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