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Some of the testimonials from our clients and workshop attendees.

Awesome. I loved the way how music had such a superb & calming effect on me. It was wonderful. Made me forget everything.

Darryl ToneMusicianMumbai

It was a very pleasant experience. The sounds could be felt all over vibrating my head, my chest and especially the forehead. At the end of the session I felt completely light and the sound continued ringing. Good experience overall.

Clive VazMumbai

The movement was quite smooth & subtle. It was like sound travelling like a river through my body. Just Brilliant!

Mac - Mayur ChhadwaClothes ManufacturerMumbai

Felt profound vibrations and sensations throughout the seven chakras of my body. Really felt the vibration and sound of the tibetian singing bowl thoroughly. Calming and relaxing!

Janak DoctorStudentMumbai

Very very positive Vibration throughout the session. The experience was blissful. Sensed a blissful light at Anahata.

Markandeya Sarma

Really enjoyed it, Never experienced sound like this before except once…I was fascinated with the way (sound) sensations moved to the chakras exactly as mentioned. It was beautiful to know through experience that each chakra can be reached by a particular combination of sounds.

Reshma Gurnaney

Eye-opening would be an understatement. I always knew sound had the ability to influence thought, but I finally experienced the true power and beauty of this sound manifesting in my being. The best part was that I had absolutely zero expectation attending this workshop but I have left it with a different realm of understanding.

Rushabh DesaiBusiness - recruitments & counselling

•Very deep relaxation achieved.

•Sound energy well explained.

•Still thoughtlessness. Overall – excellent!!

Savio PereiraEngineer

It was a very intense experience that left me in a very calm state.

Siddharth ThindMusician

The energy was Really Strong. Very Strong. I feel blessed. Thank you

Shambhavi A PuranikBusiness

The last sensation was that of thoughtlessness and calm; stillness which is something one tends to forget to experience amidst the chaos of ones everyday life.

Titli ThindAirline Pilot

Beautiful, soulful, calming

Deeksha ThindArchitectGoa

Very calming and deeply rebalancing experience. Energy stabilised.

Anjan DattaSound TherapistGoa

It was extra ordinary. Nothing I have experienced before. Very subtle and accurate. It is like fine tuning the body energy. Thank you for this new experience.

Minakshi SinghHealer & therapistGoa

For the first time I could feel my chakras. Thanks for that!

Guadalupe Garcia de VinuesaArchitecture - InteriorsMexico

It was a unique experience to know that sound can help in bringing balance.

Joel ViegasHR - TrainingGoa

Well, it was my first experience with any kind of meditational practice & this surely made it a bit more than I expected it to be & quite magical in a way.

Soham Jain

Extremely beautiful and insightful! It inspires me to go deeper into this science as it has the ability to balance the energies and calm the mind in a relatively faster and more effective way than most other techniques I have come across.

Zora Thind

My experience was great. I feel like it helped me in a certain way. I have never noticed how much sound can do. It was awesome!

Jason PaesStudent

Very energising, vibrant, balanced, clear and free flowing movement of energy and vibrations within.

Ranon ThomasInterior DesignerGoa

Interesting and educational – I came with little information on the subject, but left with a direct experience of the immediate effects. Would love to do more sessions and workshops.

Anshul PendseGrad student

I participated in the ‘Introductory workshop – Sound energy and applications’ one day event. And whole heartedly recommend Satori group. It’s been an amazing learning and blissful experience. Blessed to have been guided to this work. Thank you so much for a memorable experience.


Very peaceful, enriching. Hope to practice this further and attend more workshops/sessions.

Rishit TemkarGarment export/Photography

Fantastic, Revitalized, Soothing, Peace of Mind!

Joshua CrastoService - Oilfield

It’s another thing to believe, and quite another thing to experience.

Shruti GandhaCopywriter(Advertising)

The Sound therapy session definitely helped calm & still the mind & body. What was amazing was how the sound synchronises with the breath & the chakras.

Nita JoshiPartner, K&J Associates

A very soothing experience, glad I could make it for this

Sahil KotwaniStudent

Amazing experience! Usually find it difficult to meditate myself at home; so these workshops are a good start. Thank you!

Pooja TemkarFashion Designer