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Satori has a variety of projects under it’s wing. We welcome all applications and utilisations of sound energy to collaborate and share knowledge for the benefit of humanity and the universe.

Projects under Satori:

  • Live
    • High quality live music acts to the stage for a variety of occasions and events. We undertake all genres of music.
    • Integrative live performances involving coordinated dance, theatre, music and martial arts


  • Museum of Sound 
    • An installation of musical instruments from around the world to showcase their sound, usage, technique, properties, qualities and construction. The museum is progress and will be digitally equipped to illustrate all the instruments. We also undertake orders for all of the instruments in the museum



  • Sanctum – Environmental Support
    • Animals
    • Plants


  • Education
    • Workshops across universities, colleges and schools to highlight the possibilities of sound
    • Courses and academics


  • Business
    • Psychology and influence of sound for branding


  • Spiritual Empowerment:
    • Live meditative musical experiences through acoustic soundscapes
    • Yogic practise and self realisation
    • Sound energy controlled Pranayama