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We provide support for autistic individuals through music and sound energy as part of the AIMSELF(Autism Intervention Methodology through Sound Energy & Logistic Fundamentals.) model.

Aim : To tune an autistic individual to function as a part of society with maximum possible self-sufficiency.


AutismCore intervention : Sound energy management

  • Completely natural
  • No internal medication administered at any stage
  • Based on elementary principles and ability of sound to rearrange a human body
  • Helpful to re-tune an autistic individual to a more stable functioning
  • Reduce hyperactivity naturally


Duration :

• Sessions : 40 mins – 1 hr
• One on one sessions
• Group sessions at a later stage to initiate social development


This intervention is currently available in Mumbai, Bangalore & Mysore. Please contact for registrations.

Download the Brochure for more information.