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We have employed our methods on the therapeutic side which much success in alleviating psychological, neurological and psychosomatic issues. We are practising in various ayurvedic, allopathic and alternative/integrative healthcare institutions around south India.

Working closely with the system of medicine known as BioPlasmic Modulation therapy, we provide the sound energy intervention for a wide spectrum of therapeutic applications.


Research and study is in progress in the field of Autism, a relative grey area in medical science as of today. We use the elementary principles and the ability of sound to re-arrange fomations in the human body to retune an autistic individual to a more stable functioning.

We are have developed a comprehensive integrative Autism Intervention package called‘AIMSELF’ (Autism Intervention Methodology through Sound Energy and Logistic Fundamentals)

Currently Satori – Music for Bliss directly participates in Stage 3 of the AIMSELF model where implement our established sound energy and music based intervention programmes.


Support dedicated persons to conduct academic research on Music empowerment and related topics : PhD and D.Litt

Multi-Spectral Bio Feedback

Development of equipment to quantify subtle energy emissions from the body and display the data in a coherent format in real time.