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SANCTUM is a project of sanctity from SATORI, related with the ‘Save our planet project’. We are aimed at an overall support for plants and animals to serve our eco-system. Our major research is with the help of Music as the primordial and subtle energy expression of sound. We are using yogic science to convert the sound energy to vital energy directly to living beings.

The SANCTUM, is a realization related with our previous experience, it is the only way to serve ourselves to develop a universal out-look and eco-friendly approach in every persons’ mind.
SanctumWe are planning to develop an animal lover’s wing to de-stress modern life style issues of wild and domestic animals. As the part of many human utilization activities, the animals are suffering due to increased demands on their productivity.
For plants and gardens, we are doing some research, our primary focus is with organic farming and herbal cultivations. In the polluted atmosphere and living system that most of us spend our lives in, we believe it is supportable to cultivate more non-polluted food and powerful natural medicinal extracts.