Satori Music Live

Live Music

Consultancy and booking services for a variety of artists to suit all types of events.

Live Sound Meditation

We take group bookings for sound meditations. Alternatively, we regularly conduct sessions across the country.

Satori Music at Soho House
Satori Music Karan Sajnani Jungle meditations


We design and execute unique sonic experiences from live sound museums, to sonic installations.


Workshops, seminars and courses on all topics related to music and sound for audiences ranging from doctors, academicians & musicians to students and enthusiasts.

Satori Music Education

What our clients have to say...

Kanika Chaudhary

-Yoga Teacher

I love the experience. I felt my prana deeper than I have ever felt in my past experiences. Thank you. Beautiful Energy 🙂



Ryuta Uehara


It was an energizing event that brought a lot of realization on my body. When I felt the energy in my palm, it was amazing, even enlightening. The session made me want to understand my own body deeper, feel more energy flowing inside.

Smita Singh

-Designer & Professor

Very calming. The whole experience was very easy and peaceful

Khushboo Agarwal


It was a beautiful calming experience, could feel the shift in the energy points in my body. Expansive, would like to make it a practice.

Jay Satoria

-Brand Consultant

A great orientation into breathing and meditation. I will be practicing this regularly now on.

Natasha Mahindra

-Yoga Teacher

Amazing, I felt transported into a satvic state.

Andrew Nusbaum


Wonderful! So relaxing and informative. Karan & his team took their time & made the group feel at ease.

Monica Woodard


Very relaxing and informative. All of the elements of music, environment, oils, etc. made it a very special experience.

Victoria Pickett

-Real Estate

Incredibly relaxing. The music mixed with oils and stretching brought me to total relaxation.

Karen Tucker

-Receptionist, Commercial Real Estate

Exceptional. I have taken many yoga classes over many years. This is by far the most wonderful experience. Music was so soothing, oils on pressure points so relaxing. Wish I could have classes nearer to where I live.

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